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Time gently passes..

.. in Mori no Tokei cafe.  I wish it could also happen somewhere nearby, not just in Furano, where winter is long and sometimes harsh.  『優しい時間』を視て、当然泣いてたけど、話は結構好き。

Love Hirahara Ayaka’s voice in the series’ theme song.  Clear, distinct, melancholic.

I don’t wanna mess this thing up

This MV had “Before Sunrise” vibes to it, what with some parts of it shot in Paris (others in London and some other cities). Watching the video made me miss the two cities, while the lyrics reminded me of a Sunday in another city a while ago.

– – –

After the RTW and World Cup adventures, I never thought I’d be grounded for 1.5 years! But then, it has been a busy year so far and I shouldn’t be complaining.

We’ll meet again

Lama tak dengar スピッツ. Tak jumpa Before Sunset dvd, terjumpa Honey and Clover. Didn’t notice the song the first time I watched the movie, this time I paid attention more on the soundtrack.

Throughout, the music worked as a supporting cast to the five main characters and their respective stories. I like.

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Rindu kat Fukushima.

I found myself listening

Somehow, I prefer this version than the video for the US market… grey and dark.

It’s been a long time since 22

I wanna have a loooong night with my friends…

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I found this while blog-hopping last week, something I don’t do very often. Love the posts and accompanying photos/graphics. They usually make sense of each other.
Like this one: