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Ever since Eddy got back from Cape Town, she and I have been getting regular sailing time with a boat – the Blue Angel. The owner and his wife are lovely people with really interesting back stories.

Apart from that, we managed to get a short refresher course in PD with another cool couple and I really feel lucky to meet all these people who took the time to teach as well as giving us the opportunity to race on a regular basis. To-date, we have raced five times on board Blue Angel and I think we have a good chance of crewing for her in the Raja Muda.

A few days ago, someone asked what my dream was and I said to sail around the world. The latest Clipper Race had just ended and the VOR will start again next year.

Crowdfund my way to the Clipper Race? I don’t know. There is no harm in trying but I feel that using people’s money for my own pursuit of adventure is very wrong. Unless I am getting paid to write or do stuff for it, like my old column in 2010.

Doing an RTW is something I don’t mind repeating. Maybe not so much of getting lost anymore, you would not want to get lost in the Southern Ocean, no. I don’t know if I’d be able to do even a leg of the Clipper anytime soon but I think maybe rounding the Malaysian peninsula is a more doable venture.

A blue moon in your eyes

Already a week into Syawal. I almost did not get to celebrate, money-wise, if not for a new tutoring gig, Uber and payment for a job I did in 2008.

The first is a short-term, intensive preparation for TOEIC which I think should not be a problem for the test taker since he only needs another 70 points to achieve his target score. Hopefully.

I have been contemplating driving for a ride sharing service for a while, but the decision was made after my sister signed up and I tagged along. It’s only been a week and there are still things I need to get used to, but it isn’t so bad. Have been sticking mostly close to home and areas I am familiar with, although I have ventured into the city a few times. My first payment was duit raya for the nephews and niece, and I managed to settle some overdue bills. It helps that it’s a weekly payment system so it supplements my tutoring jobs for some extra cash in hand.

When I started to work on my own, I realised that there are many risks I have to face in order to stay solvent. Having a bad paymaster is one and a dry spell after one assignment ends is another. While tutoring has been an unexpected source of steady income in the past five years, writing and media jobs are the high paying ones which contribute towards more than day-to-day subsistence. Income from such jobs can be used for investments, retirement savings (yes, I have that) and also to fund activities for myself and others.

Living in a city means there are more opportunities to earn money. Kena rajin saja.

Happy, darling

A sailing Sunday with four pakciks and a 13-year old. It was a great way to spend Valentine’s day. We made good time and the wind cooperated to return to the docks just before the rain. It felt really good to be on the water and doing some actual sailing, instead of watching people race each other.

– – –

Comot is making her way up Kilimanjaro, I hope she makes it to the top safely in time for her party. I am slowly planning my own celebration, with no deadline set. Soon.

– – –

Words. That is all I have.

I’m so…

Photos may tell stories, but sometimes not the real ones.  I saw a few photos today that made me feel like I was punched in the gut.  They made me realise that while I know one side of the story, there is another that I am not privy to and that I should not meddle with the situation.  A wretched feeling came over me, knowing fully well that I can no longer continue to act as if nothing matters except my own selfish needs.

– – –

Rin, an old STF classmate, lost her son today.  I have lost contact with her but I feel sad nonetheless.  It was raining when I received the news, as if the skies were crying for her family.

– – –

I wish I could lash out to you, to scream at your face, to hurl words that would make you flinch.  But I won’t, because I still care, and I still wish you happiness.

Weekend sailing

Saturday 16/11

I opted the company of newly-arrived Fortissimo X and her crew instead of going for training.  Because I have been on land for too long after KDHT.

Fortissimo X
She was docked at the new RSYC marina in Pulau Indah, which is so much better than at the main club marina.

Fortissimo X

She’s not participating in this year’s Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta but Fuda-san thought it would be nice to take her out and watch the start of the race.  Plus, I got to be acquainted with the new Fortissimo, they had just arrived after 28 days of hard sailing from Okinawa. Fuda-san spoke about the trip here.

And they're off!

There was a bit of trouble with the jib after only about a half hour of sailing with the engine turned off. So we had to take the jib off and put down the main sail, turn the engine back on.

Anyway, I saw that the RMN had sent one entry – UTARID – for this year’s race.  She had an awesome start, leading the small pack of IRC 1 class boats.  It was not for long though, a boat with Russian sail registration gave chase just a few minutes into the race.

Heading out

UTARID is not doing very well after two legs, let’s hope she’ll do better in the final leg from Penang to Langkawi.