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Mel kelas satu

I came across this and this today, both talking about emails and the human factor.

In this “wired” world we live in email is such a convenient communication tool (after text messaging IMHO). Of course, it has been said time and again that it does not compensate visual and audio contact and can even cause rifts between parties. I guess the trick is not to rely too much on email and alternate with a call or a meeting. Or a kopi / teh session.

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One of the postcards I sent from India had finally arrived to its destination. After a month! Naik tongkang agaknya. There are four more out there, I wonder if they’d ever get to their recipients.

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Florida, Las Vegas, San Francisco… nanti la satu hari saya suruh Peter Petrelli bawak saya terbang pegi sana.

India Diaries: The signs

From KLIA to Indira Gandhi International, from Delhi to Agra to Jaipur, and back to KL Sentral.

Ejaan tak betul

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing to highlight mistakes in your pamphlet for Vienna Bagels, which I took from the stall at KLCC last week.

In the section Bagels vs Donut (or Doughnut), even the title contained a spelling error. Since it is “Bagels” then it should be “vs Donuts”. I have highlighted the mistakes in the section as per below:

While sharing a very much similarity, bagels and donuts are very much difference different in the principle. You might neglectfully identifies identify the bagels as donuts, however they do not share the same principle in their making. Donut is (actually, A donut is) deep fried, while bagels is (bagels ARE) baked, thus making bagels a healthier choice.

On top of that, bagels can have a wider range of flavoring from sweet to savory, due to its baking nature, while donuts is are mostly sweet flavored, by either coating or filling.

Section Vienna soft fresh Bagels:

We goes go back to the origin of bagels, Vienna, Austria. And take it to the future, new generation of bagels making, soft and fresh. Instead of just cream cheese (off (just ONE f) course you still can), we tantalize your taste with a wide range of new flavors from all over the world. From Europe to Asia to America, we created new flavors. From savory to spicy, and from the sinfully chocolate to the cheese flavored chocolate. It’s a promise of taste and sight to make your day “bagelicious”.

I hope you would be able to correct the mistakes in the said pamphlet, it would be a shame to have a good product but not being able to market it well, due to simple spelling errors.

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I’d just sent that out just now. Heh.

We make spelling, grammatical errors all the time. At least, I know I do. If you’re writing something for your own personal use, it’s fine lah but when it is related to business and work, you should at least get someone to go through the article / presentation / etc, or if you’re too pressed for time, the spellchecker.

This company sells foodstuff, which may not depend much on text, just the actual product. The errors shouldn’t cause too much damage, I think.


They replied!

Dear Norzu,

Thank you very much on your feedback.

Yes, we did notice the spelling errors as you indicated. Unfortunately, by the time the latest revision was submitted, our printer had already run the production.

We will rectify it on the next printing batch.

Again, thank you very much on your critical feedback.


General Manager
Vienna Bagels

Sungguh cekap dan pantas mereka membalas.

I wondered lonely as a cloud

This blogger is a kindred soul. I think I would be frantic if I lose any of my journals.

I lost my journal a couple of weeks ago. It was catastrophic. I’m not kidding. Apart from the fact that I bought that journal when I was in Australia, it holds more than a year’s worth of memories. It was heartbreak. Believe me, I was so close to tears.

One thing that should be said about me is that I’m an avid journal writer. I know I already have a blog to act as a journal but I’m old-school. I prefer a pen and a paper to capture my thoughts. My dreams. My anguish. My bliss. That journal is a written “me” at my barest, naked self. Which was the main reason why I was extremely frantic when I realised that I went home (yes, I was already at home when I realised that I had lost it) without my precious journal. Arrggh. I’m barely sane as I write this — imagine me fighting off the need to throw a BF, aka bitch fit (people who’ve seen White Chicks — I absolutely love that movie! — will be able to relate).

Read more here.

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I saw highlights of the recent America’s Cup on the BBC where Alinghi has defended it’s title earlier this week. Biotech billionaire Ernesto Bertarelli, founder of Team Alinghi, may have cashed in on the firm his father founded but I’m sure he would have no problem getting more money to fuel his team for the next America’s Cup.

Racing yachts are such expensive toys, up there with F1 racing cars. But then, to buy a pre-owned last century boat with lemau sails can set you back quite a bit too.

Going ga ga over machines

I know a little bit about cars, just don’t ask me too specific questions. I can appreciate the smooth humming of a well-oiled engine but not the exhaust the size of two human-sized heads and to me, a cool car is not about shiny metallic paint or 22″ rims. Like Sam Witwicky’s 1974 Camaro. Hehe.

Almost didn’t remember it was opening day of the film when I got to the mall. But I did and thought I’d catch the next show. Even watching Spiderman 3 in NYC can’t beat this one. No silly dancing to make girlfriend jealous or conflicts within, just pure action and a bit of comic relief in scenes you weren’t expecting any.

To hear the voice of Optimus Prime like in the cartoons was just. too. cool. But Hugo Weaving as the voice of Megatron didn’t get enough screen time lah.

I’d definitely watch it again. Soon.