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It’s been a long time since 22

I wanna have a loooong night with my friends…

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I found this while blog-hopping last week, something I don’t do very often. Love the posts and accompanying photos/graphics. They usually make sense of each other.
Like this one:

Life is more than numbers

It’s an auspicious day for so many people. For me, it’s just another Sunday, with work to give it an ‘edge’.

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House on PS

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Listening to Sara Lov‘s Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming. Thanks, Naz! Currently loving the lyrics for New York.

Mari mengundi

I came across the blogger’s choice awards ’09 recently. If you’re into this kinda stuff, do vote for:

The Waiter,
Hijabman, or

You’ll have to register, which is free. One downside is you can’t search directly for a specific blog so if you are looking for blogs other than the ones above, you’ll have to scour through the long nomination lists.

To ponder on a rainy day

How is that for a reality check. 😀

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Still recovering from cold. Normal programming resumes when I’m better. It doesn’t help to come home to a grey and gloomy KL, which is what Tokyo will be in the coming days.

Another weekend with warriors

Last Saturday, before the unfortunate encounter with the makcik, Davie and I were at adik Hazim’s place. His mum had wanted to cook for Davie and I tagged along to see the kids. It was good to see them, still laughing and smiling despite the challenges they face.

That same time, Latfy, who runs Flickers, also came by to interview Hazim for his site. He took photos, some of them can be found here.

The video is out. Don’t forget your hankies!

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Do check out Flickers for inspiring and meaningful stories of people, or rather, warriors of light who lead ordinary lives most of the time.