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do you wake up wondering where you are?

Departures It has been a crazy eight months, and I foresee more craziness in the months ahead.

– – –

To never come back this way and have to say … goodbye

It’s not easy to do, saying goodbye. Especially when you have become attached to something or someone. But it is necessary at times, to get nearer to your dreams. Kak Yeen thinks I’m looking for some answers. Maybe. That’s what we humans do, isn’t it? Finding answers to questions life has piled upon us?

An open book instead

The timing is always bad, I could almost hear myself say those words. There is always something keeping you away. Keeping me awake. A springtime sojourn forgotten, I dare say. But not quite.

– – –

Why can’t I let go? Why am I still here? Why is it so easy for them?

– – –

あなたの背中を遠くから見て、すごく悲しかった。忘れられないのがまた悲しいのだ。 But that’s just the way it is. Because I feel.

Paving the way for stupidity

– – –

I was in downtown KL earlier, driving back to work. From Bukit Bintang I got on to Sultan Ismail and was so surprised to see potholes at least half of the way to the traffic light before Shangri La. And I thought it was only in TTDI where many of the roads are bad, due to so many construction works and no road re-surfacing. Is this due to the outcome of the last GE? Segambut is now opposition territory, is that why?

I <3 Charlie Eppes

I want the world for you

Why is it that I find some of the most endearing lines in geeky shows? Cubalah teka, saya jumpa dialog nih dalam cerita apa.

– – –

I had seen him being really down that I wished I could give him a hug. It wouldn’t make the bad things go away but I felt so sorry for him. May there be a better future for him elsewhere, a place where competence and professionalism are put way above politics and self interest.

Crying at night

Why am I crying? It was just a movie, and not a particularly exceptional one at that. Still, there was a tightness in my chest and I couldn’t stop the tears.

Why am I scared of you? I know I shouldn’t be. I just am. For now.

Why do you always seem to thrive on letting me down in every way possible? Seriously, climbing out of your house because your mother took your keys is just not funny.

Why can’t I be less like me and more like you? Then I wouldn’t be a screwed up, emotional wreck but rational and level-headed.