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Go Kevin!

via The Star:

Some try their whole lives to qualify for the Olympics and fail.

So, to make four consecutive appearances in the Olympics is not only rare but a massive achievement.

And that’s exactly what sailor Kevin Lim has done.

Come August, he will make history as the first Malaysian athlete to compete in four Olympics in Beijing after making the cut from the Laser World Championships, which ended in Terrigal, Australia, yesterday.

Kevin earned Malaysia a quota spot in the event in Beijing after finishing 15th out of 52 sailors competing in the silver fleet.

Not one, not two, but FOUR. And he did it without much support from MSN or any sporting bodies.

Clean sweep

It’s a Red Sox nation

The Boston Red Sox won four straight games to beat Colorado Rockies in the World Series Championship, their second in four years.

I only saw the final two games, and they were nerve wrecking! Boston just had to make it hard on themselves, losing their leads and in the third game looked as it the Rockies might take that one back. Still, they fought back to keep the game on their side. In the fourth game at Coors Field, Boston had a comfortable 3-1 lead and Bobby Kielty added another single homerun in the eighth. However, Colorado reduced the gap to make the score 4-3, and Okajima had to step down the mound, making way for closer Papelbon.

Mike Lowell got MVP of the series. In the final game, Lowell hit a 2-run homer. It’s interesting to see where he will end up next season because his contract with Boston ends today.

I recognise all the Japanese players in the series – Okajima, Matsuzaka (Boston) and Matsui (Colorado). Theo Epstein, the General Manager of the Red Sox was there, of course. Hensem! Heh.

I should’ve at least passed by Fenway Park when I was in Boston earlier this year. Ah well…

Back to hard, heavy earth

So, Tun Dr. M has been discharged. The Springboks triumphed over the English. Our Angkasawan is safely back on earth. 4-1. Hehe.

What a happening weekend for many, although some people have happening days all year round.

– – –

No road trip to look forward to this next couple of weeks. Being pessimistic is good sometimes, eh. Just work and more work. Yes, I do work, even if I can nip out to the mall for a movie if I feel like it.

– – –

I’ve been I am lousy company, sorry.

Men in whites

John McEnroe, Jimmy Connors and Bjorn Borg were featured before the Wimbledon Men’s singles final just now. Really cool. McEnroe is a regular pundit but the other two I’ve not seen for quite some time.

Watching Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer play, I’m wishing there are more serve and volley players currently in the circuit. Like Pete Sampras, Stefan Edberg, ever the gentleman and Goran Ivanisevic, my all-time favourite. Rallies are fine but staying at the baseline all the time, on grass, is boring.

I wondered lonely as a cloud

This blogger is a kindred soul. I think I would be frantic if I lose any of my journals.

I lost my journal a couple of weeks ago. It was catastrophic. I’m not kidding. Apart from the fact that I bought that journal when I was in Australia, it holds more than a year’s worth of memories. It was heartbreak. Believe me, I was so close to tears.

One thing that should be said about me is that I’m an avid journal writer. I know I already have a blog to act as a journal but I’m old-school. I prefer a pen and a paper to capture my thoughts. My dreams. My anguish. My bliss. That journal is a written “me” at my barest, naked self. Which was the main reason why I was extremely frantic when I realised that I went home (yes, I was already at home when I realised that I had lost it) without my precious journal. Arrggh. I’m barely sane as I write this — imagine me fighting off the need to throw a BF, aka bitch fit (people who’ve seen White Chicks — I absolutely love that movie! — will be able to relate).

Read more here.

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I saw highlights of the recent America’s Cup on the BBC where Alinghi has defended it’s title earlier this week. Biotech billionaire Ernesto Bertarelli, founder of Team Alinghi, may have cashed in on the firm his father founded but I’m sure he would have no problem getting more money to fuel his team for the next America’s Cup.

Racing yachts are such expensive toys, up there with F1 racing cars. But then, to buy a pre-owned last century boat with lemau sails can set you back quite a bit too.