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High on Procedurals

Sometimes the hardest part isn’t letting go but rather learning to start over

Nicole Sobon

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Kalau aku emo tengok House ke, paham la jugak, but getting emotional watching Castle?  And Criminal Minds?  I actually caught a bit of that episode a few months ago on tv before leaving for somewhere and it stayed with me until now.  I’ve never watched a full episode of Criminal Minds, just scenes while channel surfing usually.  But this one, I wanted to know what happened to Reid and his girl.  And it was a heartbreaker.

100.5 days.  That was all they had.  And they’ve never even met.  Only letters and phone calls.  I know, it’s fiction but I sort of get that kind of connection.  I guess that was the reason I had that episode in my mind.

– – –

Moving on.  Check.  Starting over.  Not quite.  I’m lying low for now, staying out of people’s way.  In other words, the F%^* off sign is back on the forehead.  I’ll be with my books, and my Monday night series, thank you very much.

Time gently passes..

.. in Mori no Tokei cafe.  I wish it could also happen somewhere nearby, not just in Furano, where winter is long and sometimes harsh.  『優しい時間』を視て、当然泣いてたけど、話は結構好き。

Love Hirahara Ayaka’s voice in the series’ theme song.  Clear, distinct, melancholic.

This I wanna see!

This is awesome. My all-time favourite anime is made into a live action movie.

Either I book a ticket to Japan in August for early viewing or wait a year when it comes out on DVD..

We’ll meet again

Lama tak dengar スピッツ. Tak jumpa Before Sunset dvd, terjumpa Honey and Clover. Didn’t notice the song the first time I watched the movie, this time I paid attention more on the soundtrack.

Throughout, the music worked as a supporting cast to the five main characters and their respective stories. I like.

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Rindu kat Fukushima.

I wished…

I wished for… I wished you could find happiness.
I don’t know what that means?
Happiness. Love, laughter, friendship, purpose, and a dance.
Oh? Well then thank you.

From here

What did YOU wish for?