For the life that you’ve led

I saw my dad last night.

Yeah? How did it go?

It was ok.  The sisters and their families were there so I did not have to even make small talk.  Mostly observed.

So no drama? 

Haha.  Nope.

How do you feel?

I can see that the new wife is nice and I think she might be good for him.  I just hope he is the same for her.

Ok, but how do YOU feel?

I don’t know.  Nothing, I guess.  It was like being at a familiar stranger’s place and having no desire to deepen the connection.

Still indifferent, huh?

You remembered.  I guess I still am.


And the dragons fly

Sri’s latest Puteri Naga Tiberius is the second Malay language fantasy novel I have read.  Her previous offering of Odisi Tanah Kencana was my first.

I was sucked into the story from the first pages of Puteri Naga Tiberius, it reminded me of my first encounter with the fantasy / sci-fi genre when Aniza lent me her copy of Raymond E. Feist’s Magician back in form 5.

Sri’s world had structure, its own language and lores.  I liked how she blended western and local elements to include the orang bunian and dragons in the same magical world.  Familiar traits of different beings such as the orang bunian brought to mind the elves in Magician as well as Tolkien’s fair elven folk.

Puteri Naga Tiberius is different from Odisi Tanah Kencana in the sense that the latter had a very Nusantara feel to it, and also because of the target audience being the YA segment.  But both had the elements of adventure, family and comradeship weaved into the respective tales.  And magic, of course.

My only complain about PNT would be that it was only 400 pages long!  Haha.  Indeed, the story could be longer in certain parts, such as the battle where the Crown Prince Basilius managed to emerge triumphant or the confrontation in the tombs of Kings or a slightly longer storyline for the Queen Elemina and Basilius’ uncle Angas.

However, I am hoping the publisher would decide to let Sri write the sequel (or four!) for her fans to reconnect with the world she had created and learn what had become of Sula and Basilius after their final encounter in PNT.

Make me better

Title of a song in James Blunt’s new album.  A very personal song and stripped down to the basics.  Pure music.

– – –

Watching Grimm and Sleepy Hollow reminded me again of why we should keep a record of the things happening around us.  They ALWAYS go back to books, journals, letters.  I write crappy stuff in my journals, but there are some useful reminders of significant events and milestones too.  Of happy moments, of heartbreaks and valuable lessons.  Maybe not much of the last part, though.

– – –

I am reading stories written by people I know this past week.  So different in style and genres but that is what makes it amazing.  Their personalities and characters are inside their books, sometimes in a word, an expression or even the names chosen to inhabit the world they created.  Local publishing houses, especially the new ones, should realise the importance of EDITING and PROOFREADING a product.  Typos can be a big turn off when you are caught up in the pages.

– – –

Yes, I should write.


We found a spot on the beach, the bean bags were big enough for us to sit and lean back. I looked up to the sky and saw that the stars were already out. Two days and nights together, and it felt really nice to chill and reconnect and eat of course. It felt like a school trip, minus the uniform and annoying teachers.  Haha.

The conversations, the food, the laughter, even the tears.  Thank you for the camaraderie, for the love, for everything.

– – –


Bring me the dawn

It was not a difficult choice, but I took my time just the same. Deliberated, consulted, thought some more. Until I was fully convinced of where my future lies. Not in education, not as a news rehasher and not as a ride sharing driver.

So this morning I sat down and wrote about myself and why I should be here at the RMN Headquarters a while longer. There is a 50 per cent chance I will get the assignment, or not. We’ll have to wait and see.

With all that is going on around me, this would provide stability in a turbulent patch of my journey. Who knows, I might be able to sail with one of the new ships for a bit. Heh.