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For now

Conversations can end

Memories can fade

I can forget

But feelings

They linger a little bit longer

Stay hidden if unbidden

Until I decide to let them go

When I’m ready to let you go

Until then the longing continues

Music was the home for your pain

Whatever you do, don’t drunk dial

I wanted words, but all I heard was nothing

Nothing – The Script

– – –

Keeping busy, with people, with stuff.  Making effort to socialise, which is quite difficult for me.  How I’d rather be somewhere quiet with a book or on a boat out sailing.

– – –

I did some pretty stupid things in the past few months, didn’t I?  Should have known better, right?  Thank you for the lessons, life.  You really are the best teacher, even if you suck sometimes.

For everything that’s true

A new addition to the family late Sunday night. We’re getting acquainted, although I wish he’d cry less. It breaks my heart every time he does.

When I switch off work, other thoughts come unbidden and it’s so hard to stop them from creeping into my mind.

Be still my heart…

How to say goodbye

“Leaving isn’t quite the same… she said to me… as running away” goes the first line of the song. Brilliant opening, no?

– – –

A friend, in response to me telling him of my upcoming trip, said that I sounded like I was gravely hurt by an event or a sequence of events. I was touched by his concern, understandable since we’ve not been in touch regularly.

I dunno, I agree with Paul Tiernan because running away isn’t going to make your problem(s) disappear. I’ve faced most of mine and somehow the sequence of events just lead to my decision to do this now. Partly out of necessity, partly because I want to.

And also, getting lost is a recurring theme in my life so taking a year off to do just that is not an excuse to not work but to actually find again the joy of writing. I need to make serious writing fun again. If that sounds like an oxymoron, so be it. When it ceases to be fun, I’m in trouble because I can’t see myself not writing.

It’s only courtesy

If you’re not coming home when you said you would, at least text to let someone know. Even at 3am.

The wastepaper basket in front of you is full. Please throw the garbage out. Thank you.

Turn off the lights when you’re done with the bathroom. While we’re at it, pull the charger out of the power socket if you only want to put it in sleep mode. Electricity is expensive.

You see your dry clothes taken in from outside. Fold and store them.

You’re washing plates after dinner. Easy with the water. It’s expensive too.