See how the main sail sets

When I read what you wrote during your journey those years ago, I wondered if you have read those entries again, remembering the emotion you felt during those months away from these shores. The people you missed, the things you had planned to do when you returned, the dreams you carried with you.
I cried (of course) during random entries, eventhough I’ve read them before in the official compilation. I’m weird like that.
The personal bits were quite a surprise, it gave me another glimpse into your personal space. I hope you have showed them to the important people in your life, to let them know how your memory of them helped you through the challenges and the thought of seeing them again gave you the courage to see through the task you had signed up for.
Thank you for the honour. It was unexpected and made me realise all over again how we were destined for friendship and nothing more.

Where the light exists

What would you give to the person you love?
I’ve mostly given books. Not newly bought, but my personal copies of titles I like. That would be on top of the list I think. I really suck as choosing gifts, books would usually be my first choice. Followed by experiences such as a concert, or taking the nephews to the zoo or the bird park instead of buying them toys. Make memories, you know.
I don’t think I could give my most prized collection, though. No matter how important a person is to me. I might share the books, or buy new ones for them.

You and me are gone

The Volvo Ocean Race 2014/15 had just ended with Team SCA crossing the finish line for the last time in Gothenburg, Sweden. Nine months of intense racing and now it is over.
One boat, Team Vestas Wind, ran aground on my birthday. It kind of made it personal to me, and it was such a happy moment when the boat managed to be rebuild in time for the Lisbon leg, and the team finished on the podium in Lorient in second place. What an awesome story that was.
I am quite sad now that it is all over. No more exchanging messages about who is leading or which boat is having what trouble. No more checking updates from teams and the official site at 2am (well, sometimes).
The magenta boat of Team SCA, Vestas Wind’s sky blue vessel, Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing’s yellow, red and black colours, the fiery red teams Dongfeng Race Team and MAPFRE, Team Brunel’s dark green and yellow and Team Alvimedica’s heart-like logo. I’ll surely miss them all in the next few weeks, amid pressing deadlines, differing creative directions and pining for the sea.

Be happy, be well

happy1, of course

People have huge capacities to remember, I believe. Would you think about me, after I am out of your life?

Side by side with you til the end

I was driving when A Shoulder to Cry On went on air. That song reminds me of arwah Mike, every time. Tommy Page was her pretty boy singer of choice when we were at school. We all had one.

Her daughter is the same age as Noah. She’ll be in primary school next year. The older brother would be a few years older. I wonder if he remembers his mom.

– – –

“Are you okay with things?”
“Most of the time.”

– – –

Hobbies are expensive! Travelling, sailing, shooting, photography. Writers don’t get paid much, especially if you’re a freelancer, so one activity at a time. Note to self.


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