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I’m not young anymore

The year 2016 ended on a really good note, in the sense that I had achieved some milestones I could be proud of, although I did not plan for them. Hah.

– – –

After a month into 2017, I still work on the 17th floor and I still have to juggle my finances to keep being in the black. A new writing gig meanwhile is wrecking havoc with my sleeping schedule. I guess I forgot that I am not a 23-year old cub reporter who could work 12 hours a day and live on coffee to sustain me. Forgetting things is one proof of this process people call aging. Hah.

– – –

Meeting an old friend after being out of touch for a long time is nice. It is also a reminder of our past, which is something we should not dwell on too much. Life happens, we move on. It doesn’t matter if we were the ‘what-if’ or the ‘one who got away’. It only matters if any of us still have unresolved issues, I think.

– – –

I am still undecided whether I should carry on with the Navy assignment or go back to be a ‘normal’ reservist.

Happy, darling

A sailing Sunday with four pakciks and a 13-year old. It was a great way to spend Valentine’s day. We made good time and the wind cooperated to return to the docks just before the rain. It felt really good to be on the water and doing some actual sailing, instead of watching people race each other.

– – –

Comot is making her way up Kilimanjaro, I hope she makes it to the top safely in time for her party. I am slowly planning my own celebration, with no deadline set. Soon.

– – –

Words. That is all I have.

On the road to find out

I ushered in the new year in Bangkok, it was my first time in that city and had a good time. A brief respite from conflicting emotions and personal melodrama which I’d rather not have.

– – –

No sailing adventure at the start of 2016 but straight into work for Monsoon Cup Malaysia at the end of the month. A change in venue and boats, as well as participants. A new challenge to lead the media management team. Nervous, but hopefully would meet the expectations of the client.

– – –

There is an anxious vibe in the air, worries about the economic prospects being on top of the list of reasons. Still searching for new projects to last me at least six months to back up the current work I have. Anyone needs a part time fact checker?

Inside the pocket of your ripped jeans

It is mentally discouraging when I am promptly paid for my tutoring jobs, which make up my weekly pocket money, while my main projects are slow in issuing out payments for me to clear monthly bills and other commitments. I do thank my lucky star for the regatta gig and the bit of savings I have.

I have never aspired to be rich but being broke is no fun, when you can’t even go to meetings because the car needs petrol and there are tolled roads everywhere. Things are not so bad in the sense that I am still able to do what I love but without the proper incentive in place, I’m not sure how long I could last.

– – –

The Ringgit have decreased in value against many major currencies. Not that I can afford to do anything right now, but plans made earlier in the year seem quite impossible now.

– – –

I really do want this book project to be a memorable one, something I could put on my shelf next to Tan Sri Azizan’s biography. And so the re-writing process continues…

Things I’m grateful for: 16 Apr 14


Work.  It keeps my mind occupied, anchored in the now.  It provides me with new experiences and opportunities to collaborate with interesting people.  However, it can sometimes come to me like an avalanche that I have to turn down some to keep my sanity.