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I had a vision of love…

… in 3D!


A blending sponge is already three-dimensional, no? And a lip pouting tool? I’m barely able to handle BB/CC cream with the rest of the stuff women put on their faces, let alone this kind of Technology.

Write me one?

I found this on Thought Catalog:

I believe that when men and women receive a love letter it is the only situation in which they make an effort to read better than they usually do. When they read a love letter, they read for all they are worth. They read every word more than once; they read between the lines and margins; they read the whole in terms of their parts, and each part in terms of the whole. They are sensitive to context and ambiguity and feel the weight of sentences. They may even take the punctuation seriously.

The writer has written almost 400 letters to strangers this year alone.  Talk about being prolific.  It started after a bout of loneliness following his college graduation.

– – –

I’d written loads of letters since I was 14.  Being a boarder, it was the cheaper alternative to long distance phone calls.  Then I went to Japan and most of my friends were either here or in other parts of the world, which meant more letters.  Until email started to become a viable mode of communication that is.

I think it’s really difficult to write a good letter now, because the process of putting thoughts to paper has been replaced by too many ‘instants’.  SMS, BBM, other messaging platforms and Twitter.  All so-called real time communication, rapid and in your face.

I’d still love to receive a letter, though.


Speak softly, please

A self-described introvert, it took Susan Cain seven years to write a book, and then spent a year learning the ways of public speaking since her job now is to promote said book.

I love how she described her family’s favourite pastime, and her grandfather’s apartment.  Reading and writing.  Two things I’ve neglected this past year…

Simply awesome

I saw Frank Warren live in March 2010 in St. Louis. It’s still amazing to see him addressing a crowd, and he was on TED.

Not sink plugs

1. For those who lives / lived / works / selalu lepak / loves / etc in TTDI, and you’re on Twitter, do check out @ttditv.
It was the idea of one of my orang kampung, a community-based interaction platform for anything related to TTDI.
A few nights ago, I was feeling bored and checked in only to discover a remembering-the-old-days session that was actually quite fun.

2. Also about TTDI. If you’re a resident and is againts the MRT project, there’s an online petition you can sign here.
Personally, I’m for the project, although I have some concerns on the planning and implementation.

3. Putrajaya’s main area was packed on Saturday, with local and overseas visitors. I went there with an American couple recently relocated to KL and we discovered that the Palace of Justice as well as the Putrajaya Corp building opposite it are very popular for photo shoots, namely of the wedding variety.
We left the Palace of Justice amused at the number of couples having their photos taken. Less than a minute after rain just poured down and we wondered if all those people got soaked in their rented costumes. I felt sorry for the photo crew, getting your expensive gears wet is no fun.