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Angry earth day

The image of the tsunami water enveloping Miyagi-ken was scary but I couldn’t take my eyes off the tv. Names of places affected like Sendai, Fukushima, Shirakawa.. all too familiar.

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Coy was online for most part of the first couple of hours. Even called me up. I can’t imagine how she was feeling, talking on the phone during never ending aftershocks. It’s a relief to know she has electricity and internet access.

Sean, Megumi and their girls are safe in Fukushima. He was waiting in the car to pick up Hiroko and Ria when the earthquake started. In his own words, in an email sent 30 minutes ago:

It felt like a very strong wind (from in my car) at first, thenthe swaying got horrible. Hard to walk outside, actually. The children said they first took shelter under their desks in the classrooms and were led out to the soccer pitch after the initial shaking had subsided. Many were crying, as were some parents who’d also come. Megumi’s school lost power, but she called a few hours ago. The highway’s closed, as are damaged sections of some roads, so we’ll have to wait more before she’s home.

As for Aya’s family, I am hoping they’re safe in Sendai. I don’t have their address or phone number. Managed to find Aya’s work number in Guam but she had just started her leave and can’t be reached. It didn’t help that Guam was also on tsunami alert. Hoping for the best.

Mariko-san was at home everything is fine, apart from the gas and elevator not working. Her husband is not so lucky, being stuck in Tokyo city and may have to camp there for the night.


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Sato-san, Takahashi-san, 松野ゼミと斎藤ゼミのみんな、無事でいますように。

It’s a brand new world

It’s the small hours of Saturday. I’m in front of the tv, watching in awe the event that is happening in Egypt. For a 30-year old Egyptian, there has only been one Prime Minister and now he will be gone.

However, it is not just about Hosni Mubarak stepping down, it is about how he was made to leave. It is about his own people wanting him out and how they were successful in doing that.

Amazing. But now it gets more interesting. It’s surely the start of a bigger change in the Middle East.

One of the bad moments

In pain, but fought til the end

Photo nicked from here
I was stuck on the LDP near Kelana Jaya lrt station when I noticed a missed call and a BB message, Aishah asking me if I was at home watching the Nadal – Ferrer match.

It was another 20 minutes when I got home that I managed to watch the current World No. 1 struggling to play against his good friend who is in top form right now.

After a few more messages going back and forth, we met at Mosin, where I personally requested the channel be changed to 813.

It was painful to watch. Nadal was clearly hurting but was adamant to finish the match. Sedih siot.

The tennis career, you have higher moments and lower moments….
That’s part of the sport. Accept; keep working; try my best in the next tournament. That’s what I can do.

Read the full interview here

お大事に, Rafa.

how young is too young?

From here:

Dutch judges Friday called a 13-year-old girl’s plan to sail solo around the world “undeniably daring and risky,” but refused to scupper it completely, in a high profile clash between child care authorities and liberal Dutch parenting.
A panel of three judges at Utrecht District court ordered authorities to take temporary guardianship of Laura Dekker, delaying her plan to set sail next week on her 26-foot (8-meter) yacht Guppy and become the youngest person to sail solo around the world.

The court then called on a child psychologist to do an evaluation of the girl’s ability to cope the gruelling journey, totaling about two years in isolation.

I think she is too young, but then, she was born on a boat! The first four years of her life was spent on water, with her parents. (Saya agak jeles part nih)

We humans just love to push our limits, don’t we?

Mark the date

The Telegraph’s take on the final in Rome:

Manchester United and Barcelona are not clubs but states, and both with a global citizenry. Each is bound to an identity forged over decades of high endeavour that has at its core an idea of how the game should be played; perfection through beauty. To chase glory through adventure is an obligation.

To see the players of both teams on the field… can’t wait!