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The innocent can never last

We are volunteers

10 days in Langkawi as a volunteer for the SEA Games. The experience was mostly good, I was doing the same things I did for the Monsoon Cup, just in a different capacity. I wrote daily reports but instead of having them as press releases, it got posted onto the official website’s news section.

My team was very small, just four of us. The manager is a big outdoor enthusiast, the other two are young students. We worked well together, and I am grateful to have these ladies for support. We could laugh off almost everything, while enduring the administrative chaos throughout our time there.

I learned more new things about how a regatta is held and had a refresher on things I have forgotten. Like how the race officials are the most hardworking lot apart from the athletes. I don’t think Cik Burn spent more than an hour on land everyday as he had to oversee not one, but four race courses while the PRO even had time to do a ‘wind dance’.

As media volunteers, we assist in ensuring coverage goes smoothly for the press people. Daily routine included boat availability check, updates on results and for me, making sure that they actually know what was going on out on the water. And I file stories with the hope that people would want to read up more about the sport.

I would love to see sailing being in the mainstream, for sailors like Fauzi, Wanie, Latif and Lin to have the same opportunities as athletes in football and hockey for funding and sponsorship. I also want them to have the chance to make use of their talent to move upwards, turn professional. Like Ben Ainslie or Peter Burling. I don’t think my stories would get them there, but some attention to them is better than nothing at all. These kids do not have a trust fund to finance their careers or have a wealthy backer to set them up with a team. At least not yet.

One of the bad moments

In pain, but fought til the end

Photo nicked from here
I was stuck on the LDP near Kelana Jaya lrt station when I noticed a missed call and a BB message, Aishah asking me if I was at home watching the Nadal – Ferrer match.

It was another 20 minutes when I got home that I managed to watch the current World No. 1 struggling to play against his good friend who is in top form right now.

After a few more messages going back and forth, we met at Mosin, where I personally requested the channel be changed to 813.

It was painful to watch. Nadal was clearly hurting but was adamant to finish the match. Sedih siot.

The tennis career, you have higher moments and lower moments….
That’s part of the sport. Accept; keep working; try my best in the next tournament. That’s what I can do.

Read the full interview here

お大事に, Rafa.


For the past 10 days or so, most of my breakfast, lunch and dinner were spent watching tennis. Australian Open 2010 to be exact.

Last night, I was trying to pacify the crying nephew when Rafael Nadal retires due to an injured knee. Just now, Davydenko’s winning streak ended after losing to the top seed in a four-set match.


On the other hand, Justine Henin is still there in her first grand slam after coming back from retirement and TWO Chinese players are in the semis. That’s actually pretty awesome.

– – –

I’m leaving in a month. The route is kinda set, looking forward to meeting old friends and getting lost in strange places!

and I touched the rain


– – –

In the world of clay tennis, Rafa has lost his grip on Roland Garros. Unbelievable. Even from the start he was shaky, losing the first set. I guess he needed a week off.
Even the women’s defending champion lost. The French are cheering Monfils and Tsonga on. I think I will too.

– – –

Farewell Maldini.

This Rafa is da man

Two modern day warriors battled it out in 5 hours and 14 minutes. It was no doubt exhausting for them, I felt it too at times but I couldn’t tear my eyes from the tv screen, even when I had to leave for an appointment at the tail end of the fourth set. I was lucky that a change of venue enabled me to see the exhilirating end.

Fantastic match. Hope Nadal gets enough rest for Sunday’s final.