Today and tomorrow

Today I will pretend that I don’t like you

Today I will say that I don’t miss you

Today I will plan on not thinking about you

In the hope that tomorrow they will all be true


Things I’m grateful for: 16 Apr 14


Work.  It keeps my mind occupied, anchored in the now.  It provides me with new experiences and opportunities to collaborate with interesting people.  However, it can sometimes come to me like an avalanche that I have to turn down some to keep my sanity.

Things I’m grateful for: 15 Apr 14

Colleagues, friends, comrades

People, not things for this entry.  I’m grateful for my friends, who used to be my colleagues in BT.  We grew together professionally and developed our own strengths in the different branches of the industry and yet we remain comrades until today.  We’re all so different, but we get along so well.  Most of the time.  Haha.

Things I’m grateful for: 14 Apr 14

Not in San Francisco the city


Being able to have coffee in peace, while planning for tomorrow’s schedule.  It is only Monday but the week’s already filled to the brim with things to do, which leaves not much time to dwell on you.  I think.


The warmth is leaving me, when I wish it would stay for a while longer.

- – -

Say something I’m giving up on you.

That song has been getting a lot of airplay in the past month, and I am now feeling it.  I do wish you’d say something but I think I know you well enough to expect a long radio silence, unless I initiate another contact.  I know enough to have to spell everything out to you, that you could be ignorant to even the most obvious thing.  Because you only focus on what you want, and will work towards obtaining it no matter what.  And I am it.



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