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Consumer feedback

There are only two person who actually read this blog but hope you guys can help to find anyone who have used / are using these:

iRobot Roomba
Oku San No robot cleaner
Karcher DS 5500

Keeping at it

My confidence in financial writing has been on a roller coaster since I started work. While I have been able to adjust myself to the schedule and workload, most of my copies are still shaky. I feel like a rookie trying to prove myself all over again.

Like today, when I was told that a light(er) piece needed some rewrites. *sigh*

I guess I need more time. At least I have a great boss who doesn’t tear my stories to pieces.

Voices I hear

At work, it’s either I bug people on the phone or through e-mails. I don’t do much of the former as most of my questions require answers of a certain length (panjang) and usually it’s easier for the person replying to explain stuff in a proper sequence.

However, I do not mind calling up people I’m already comfortable with whom I know would tolerate my stupid questions and will patiently explain what I need to know. In addition, it’s nice when the person at the other end has a good, easy-on-the-ear voice.

A banker has just been added to that list. Heh.

That warm feeling

When I was in the newsroom the first time around, it was a tradition to buy tea for everyone when you get your first byline and/or your first front page story. I got both firsts on the same day, a few weeks into the gig.

Earlier today, the editor handed me a copy of the magazine, fresh off the press. Although I wasn’t involved much for this issue since the stories were mostly done in August, my name was in the editorial list and I did write a book review plus compiling some market data. While it wasn’t a big deal like getting a C1, it still felt nice.

I guess the newsroom is still the place for me, despite having been away for five years.

In-box, out-box

Work brought forward: One article, 5 invoices

– – –

I was offered to be in charge of a magazine column, which will involve more interviews with people. The subject is something I have personal issues with so of course I said yes. Heh. Hope the project works out and I get to deal with my own struggle with the subject along the way.

– – –

There was a phone call and an email about jobs from the HR department of two different companies today. The former was not very professional in my opinion, volunteering unnecessary information which I thought could be left out. The latter was a polite and efficient notice, detailing all that I need to know without letting on about stuff unrelated to my own application.

First impressions. They matter, right?

– – –

I wish I could opt to be a real beach bum. It was a mere phone call away but reality had to step in.